About HMG

HMG is the marketing arm of Hart Entertainment, MMI Product Placement, and Frosh Carnival. These divisions address respectively our three main areas of expertise: interactive game rentals, product placement, and university product sampling.

Now that's an eclectic trio! After all, no two members of a family are exactly alike, in personality, in talents, strengths, and in features. This is why we have created HMG, so all of our clients will know the various disciplines and areas of specialty.

Our Companies

Hart Entertainment

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For mechanical bull-worthy moments, and for every moment in between, Hart Entertainment offers amusement solutions tailored to your next event. Our services are completely turn-key and come with or without brand ambassadors. Hart Entertainment has been used for over two decades by a vast range of companies for teambuilding events, promotions, picnics, festivals, and holiday parties. Our list of long-term clients have earned us the reputation we hold as one of Ontario's top amusement rental companies.

Frosh Carnival

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A flash bulb memory is one tied to a significant event. We all remember where we were in 2010 when Canada won Olympic Gold in men's hockey. Frosh Carnival creates a unique marketing experience by associating our clients' brands with fun, high-energy carnival attractions. Through this, we shape the way Ontario's university and college students develop life-lasting relationships with fresh, exciting brands like yours. We are constantly growing our roster of twenty tier-one schools and yearly attendance of over 75,000 students.

MMI Product Placement

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Media brand integration is the only way to guarantee advertising in spite of personal video recorders and the dreaded fast-forward button. MMI is Canada's number-one product placement agency; we control advertising in over 125 French and English films and television programs distributed worldwide. MMI also oversees brand sampling and celebrity seeding to key Toronto International Film Festival parties.


Phil, President

Phil Hart is to marketing ingenuity what Everest is to geography. His 1985 creation of MMI Product Placement marked a very substantial and abrupt change for marketing in North American media. Phil fostered his result-driven business sense into a highly successful advertising firm with a strong focus on unique opportunities for major brand exposure. Phil has relationships with clients spanning decades and is eager to begin one with you. Phil is a lecturer on Branded Integration at Wharton, Ivey, and Schulich business schools.

David, Chief Operating Officer

Nothing short of magic itself sparked David's eventual passion for corporate event planning. For thirty years, David's reputation has been built on a passion for pushing creative boundaries; it has been earned from an arsenal of extremely satisfied clients. His attention to detail, coupled with his infectious personality, makes him a leader in Ontario's event industry.

Joyce, Account Supervisor

Joyce's razor-sharp eye for detail and strong aesthetic were crafted from her work as a corporate buyer in the fashion industry. Her rock-solid client servicing skills have lent themselves greatly in her role as manager of our sales team. Joyce's added culinary finesse may be the reason our clients never feel desserted.

Jennifer, Operations Manager

Jennifer is a logistics paragon and has the event building skills of a veteran architect. Handling over one thousand events every year, Jennifer has the speed, care, and experience you need to ensure your events surpass your highest expectations.

Lauren, Account Manager

Lauren has skillfully grown the scope of her expertise to include client acquisition, event creation, and inventory allocation. Her capacity to manage and grow these abilities has elevated her to become a seasoned corporate event planner. Conditional to the success of Lauren's ongoing track record is your complete satisfaction with every facet of your next event.

Lisa, Dir. Client Services and Production Resources

Heading HartMG's product placement division, MMI, Lisa has heavily increased product revenue for our clients. She does this by expertly identifying appropriate brand integration opportunities and ensuring our clients' brands are prominently displayed. Lisa's incredible multi-tasking skills are due in part to the raising of her beautiful twins, and unlike them, cannot be matched.

Aly, Account Manager

Aly is responsible for creating your marketing opportunities and executing them perfectly amongst university students. Her incredible personality allows her to converse expertly and genuinely with individuals from colleges and university's across Canada. Aly is focused on contributing to the continued success of Frosh Carnival as the most well-attended university and college trade-show tours in Ontario. Aly looks forward to helping you connect your brand with the student demographic today.

Daniel, New Business Development

Daniel is head of Frosh Carnival and University Marketing. Daniel is our resident expert on the speech patterns and living habits of the university student. To learn how your brand can engage on campus, contact Daniel today.

Adam, Director of Marketing

Adam has seen, and developed, experiential marketing from many different perspectives and wants to experience more every day. Adam has expertly utilized his leadership experiences as AEPI president at Western in overseeing the Frosh Carnival program. He has earned the privilege to develop creative solutions for our clients and anxiously awaits the opportunity to do the very same for you.

Kolter, Brand Integration Manager

Kolter uses his experience in copywriting and on-air broadcasting to identify, and create, branding opportunities in media. His fresh perspectives are instrumental in crafting new advertising and business strategies both online and on camera.